Originally founded in 1975, QCI Asset Management is a quiet leader in fee-based investment management services. We're a completely independent, 100% employee owned firm, managing investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, trusts, pension and retirement plans, corporations, higher education and other non-for-profit clients. We also provide objective, fee-based consulting advice to the fiduciaries for participant-directed retirement plans.

You Come First. Your financial success is what drives us. We're focused on helping you achieve your goals for the future. Talk to our existing clients about why they stay with QCI and they mention competence, performance, attentiveness, commitment, and continuity. Highly responsive client service and regular, proactive communication is what you can expect from us.

Right Sized for Success. QCI Asset Management is small enough to offer you the personal service you deserve, yet large enough to back up that service with knowledgeable talent experienced in the finance industry. We conduct our own investment research and provide a wide range of services, all without selling you commission based financial products.

Consistent, Responsible Investment Practices. The basic principles of good investing never change. At QCI, we've used the same fundamental approach for over thirty years, because it works. Accounts are structured with the goal of achieving acceptable, absolute performance during strong “up” markets, while providing superior relative returns in “down” markets.   The strategy has resulted in superior, risk-adjusted performance over full market cycles. We follow well-defined processes at every step, with focused attention to detail and precision.